We appreciate your courage in sharing your experience with us. We want to connect you with resources that will allow you to experience more of God’s restoring grace.

Sexual Abuse

Hurt, Hope and Healing

Hope & Restoration After Sexual Abuse

Watch videos taken from the live presentation of the “Hope & Restoration After Sexual Abuse” seminar presented at The Summit Church May 23 and 25, 2013.

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On the Threshold of Hope

Diane Langberg’s book, On the Threshold of Hope, is an excellent resource that provides both a biblically-based and clinically-informed approach based upon her 20+ years of experience counseling survivors of sexual abuse. We also have a free download of Diane speaking on sexual abuse to help you read her book in her voice instead of the voice of your abuser or your fears/shame. Click the link below to download the audio file.

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If one of these resources does not meet your needs, we are happy to connect you with other best-fit resources in our community.

Other resources from which you could benefit would be:

Counseling Ministry

Our counseling ministry team has been preparing to address the unique challenges of sexual abuse all Spring. You can learn more about and connect with these resources at summitrdu.com/counseling. Please watch our 9-minute video discussing how counseling can benefit survivors of sexual abuse.

We are glad to get to walk with you in this challenging time. Thank you for your honesty and courage. We’re praying God will more than match your faith with His faithfulness.

If you need to report sexual abuse, here are the agencies and their phone number by county. Sexual abuse is a crime. If you are in immediate danger or need medical assistance, call 911.

Durham County

Durham Crisis Response Center
English: (919) 403-6562
Español: (919) 519-3735

Wake County

(919) 828-7740

Orange County

Compass Center
(919) 929-7122