At the Summit, one of the primary ways we love our world is by planting new churches. We believe THE most beneficial thing for every community is a church that can proclaim and live out the Gospel of Jesus. So, we are committed to planting churches in strategic cities all over the world, beginning right here in our backyard.

To date, the Summit has planted 25 churches in North America, from cities like Raleigh to Charlotte to New York.

Meet Our Current Church Planters

Why North America?

But don’t we have a lot of churches in North America? Do we really need more?  You’ve probably found yourself asking this question. Here’s why one of the best ways you can leverage your life for God’s mission is planting a church:

The Need. The population of North America continues to grow. Meanwhile, 3500-4000 close every year. We need to plant more churches to keep pace with population growth and reach the majority of American who don’t attend a church.

Buildings Don’t Equal Bodies. Just because we see church buildings doesn’t mean there are church bodies. Many communities have church buildings but they have no church bodies ministering the gospel.

Change. The gospel doesn’t change, but the culture in which we’re communicating it does change. We need new churches to figure out how to reach new generations of people.

How do I get involved?

Lead. Is God calling you to pastor or plant a church? We want to help you discern God’s calling and equip you for ministry. Check out our “growth map” to determine your next step: Campus Involvement » Internship » Apprenticeship. For more information about training opportunities visit

Go with a plant: Maybe God is calling you to advance His mission in another city by being a part of one of our church plants. We’re looking for people to commit 2 years or more to move to another city and leverage their gifts to advance God’s mission.

Meet Our Current Church Planters

Go serve a plant: Give 1-2 weeks of your time to support our church planters and help them demonstrate the gospel in their city.

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