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The first church in Acts devoted themselves to one another in the gospel and in fellowship. They ate together, prayed together, studied the Word together, and gave generously to meet the needs of one another. As a result, many people in the surrounding community came to faith in Christ. At The Summit Church, our campuses are striving to make the same impact by devoting themselves to one another and allowing that love to flow out to the community around them.

When you arrive for the first time, you will notice signs that ask you to turn on your hazard lights. From there, our parking team will escort you to the closest available parking spot. The Summit has a “come as you are” casual atmosphere. We have no expectations for attire.

All campuses offer special activities for kids and students. Times and locations vary by campus for middle and high school, so check their pages of this site for more information on regular programming.  All children ages 4th grade and younger check-in with a secure sticker system; the check-in process is quick and easy, and you’re given a secure code where only you can pick them up.

When you come for the first time, don’t forget to stop by the First Time Guest tent to introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you and your family, and answer any questions you may have.

John Muller

Campus Pastor

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North Raleigh Campus
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Campus Leadership

John Muller

Campus Pastor

Philip Smith

Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Ashley Muller

Women's Discipleship Coordinator

Kaylyn Clayton


Jered Bell

Small Groups Pastor

William Calhoun

Student Director

Tyler English

Kids Pastor

Campus Elders

John Muller
Daniel Simmons
Matt Allison
Philip Smith
Scott Hildreth
John Bartuska
Mike Rapacz
Phil Radford
Randy Bridges
Tyler English
Michael Baglio, Sr.

Servant Leaders

Jason Yanchuleff


The local outreach ministry at The Summit Church exists to send disciples to make disciples among the hurting and marginalized in our community. Serve365 is the mobilization campaign that connects Summit members to roles on campus teams serving year-round in their community. Below are teams serving specifically at the North Raleigh campus. Learn more about local outreach at the Summit.

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School Engagement: Fox Road Elementary

Schools in our communities are hubs where people across all sectors of life gather. They form a common ground to share the love of Christ through acts of service and kindness and building relationships to share the good news of the gospel. This team’s work at Fox Road gives them a chance to be good neighbors to the community by helping to encourage and support the staff, students, and parents of this school, where more than 30 nations are represented. Volunteers have the opportunity to support each classroom with a minimum of three-person teams; expand the reach of current activities such as mentoring and reading to a child; and treat the facilities like we would our own possessions with regular grounds work and large efforts for ServeRDU.

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Scripture makes it clear that caring for orphans is not reserved only for a few Christians; it is commanded of the entire Church. Earthly adoption is a powerful picture of our spiritual adoption in Christ; we were once fatherless but are now rescued out of the spiritual “fatherlessness” of our world into God’s family. By mirroring God’s response to us, we demonstrate the good news to our friends and neighbors. This ministry team helps interested members of The Summit Church explore adoption and foster care and helps connect others to provide foster care support to these families to serve them in any way that can help, such as providing childcare and meals.

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Wake Correctional Center

Prisons in RDU are filled with men and women whose lives are defined by what they’ve done to break the law, but the gospel offers the chance for their lives to be defined by what Jesus has done on the cross. The Summit prison ministry shows and shares the love of Christ with prisoners and their families pre- and post-release. Volunteer opportunities include prayer, mentoring (Sunday and Monday nights), family outreach, and helping ex-offenders get connected to jobs, housing, transportation, and other resources to reenter society.

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First Choice Pregnancy Solutions

Single moms often bear a disproportionate share of the responsibility to care for the fatherless in our community and often struggle to hold multiple jobs to support their families while also caring for their children well. This team partners with First Choice to care for new mothers by hosting baby showers and diaper drives, preparing meals for new moms, donating clothes or supplies, serving as peer counselors, and providing parental support.

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I-58 Community

I-58 exists to engage specific communities long-term by building relationships through meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that will allow for gospel proclamation and community transformation. I-58 wants to see every family and household in these communities know and experience the love of Jesus in the next five years so that they can be transformed by the gospel. There are several ways to get plugged in, ranging from weekly school tutoring and ESL classes to monthly neighborhood game times and periodic special community events.

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Cedar Point

Cedar Point is a diverse community with residents from all over the globe; many of them are new to America and the Raleigh area. This team works to share the love of Christ and build relationships with families in a practical way. The Summit team serving here helps support the families by participating in a homework help program. Time slots are available Monday through Thursday in the afternoon and evenings.

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Wake Forest

Wake Forest Outreach serves specific low-income and government housing communities with disconnected youth, widows, unwed mothers, and incarcerated family members. The vision of this team is to build and maintain long-lasting relationships in hopes that the gospel is proclaimed, the love of Christ known, and disciples are made. Volunteer opportunities include tutoring, mentoring, and playing games at the Massenburg-Alston Center as well as interacting with people of peace throughout the community.

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