Second City is a 2-Month, all intensive discipleship & missional experience in an international context serving alongside one of Summit’s international church plants or partners. Students will spend a brief time training at The Summit Church and then be sent to New York, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Africa, or Southeast Asia for eight weeks to work alongside Summit church planters or partners. Each team will be made up of 4-8 students and be led by a member of the SummitCollege Staff. This is a great opportunity for any upperclassman to grow deeper in their understanding of the global mission of God and truly put their faith into practice!

When: May 23–July 21, 2017
Cost: $4,300

The team in Serbia works on a platform known as World Net Education Consultants. This platform is their main source of outreach and acts as their conduit to the community. The team’s target group is college students (which is anyone under 30 and single in Serbia) and they offer a variety of courses in English, Business English, Professional Development, TOEFL preparation etc. The team hosts discovery groups with college students. They are partnered with the local university ministries working on training and evangelizing. The team also does compassion ministry with the Roma community partnering with the local Roma church. This team’s ministry takes place in Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia. They work in a neighborhood with about 700,000 residents and over 2,000 college students. Most folks live in high-rise apartments, walk and use public transportation. After completing a week of orientation, students will be involved in several different areas of service in Serbia, which include: building intentional relationships with college students, teaching English, reaching out to the Roma gypsy population (a highly Muslim group), serving at camps for high school students, etc. Students will also participate in a bible study with their Second City team and be paired with a mentor to meet with on a weekly basis while in Serbia.

The team in NYC works to bring the gospel and plant reproducing churches among the hundreds of thousands of internationals residing in Metro New York. They have workers focused on Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs. The team builds relationships with internationals through a variety of means seeking to share the gospel, and then begin studying the Bible with them. Those who become followers of Jesus are engaged with intense discipleship so that they can take the gospel to their own community. Every summer the team in NYC hosts over 200 volunteers who come through New York for “Sifting Weeks.” The volunteers will spread out across areas where unreached people groups live and look for people of peace (those hungry to know more about Jesus). Students who are in NYC for Second City will participate in these weeks, become trainers for volunteers, and handle initial follow-up with interested seekers. Students will build longer-term relationships with people interested in the gospel and begin studying the Bible with them. If students have other skills (photography, videography, web development, administrative), they will assist with these projects as well. Students will be part of a T4T group (an obedience-based discipleship group) and will have a mentor to meet with at least weekly for prayer and encouragement.

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan (The Republic of China). The city proper is home to an estimated 2,618,772 people. As the center of Taiwan’s largest conurbation, Taipei has been at the center of rapid economic development in the country and has now become one of the global cities in the production of high technology and its components. The team in Taipei, Taiwan will be doing University outreach, working alongside missionaries who teach English classes to build relationships with students. This team will lead an English summer camp on the university campus, spending a lot of time with students in a classroom setting and then out in the city after class with abundant opportunities to share the gospel and make disciples!

The South Asia team is primarily focused on taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. They are specifically working with local pastors and Christian leaders to catalyze church planting movements. The team intentionally focuses on reaching the urban sectors, Muslims, and casting vision for multiplication among Christian leaders in their area. As a team, they engage their targeted people groups through personal evangelism, church-planting trainings, and a master-trainer-equipping program. It is their vision to equip the local believers to reach their own people with the gospel. When students come and serve alongside the South Asia team, they will all be drinking tons of chai tea, meeting local university students and young professionals, and engaging them with gospel-centered conversations. Nearly half of the city claims to be Muslim, and every student will have the chance to share the true gospel of Jesus with many who will hear it for the first time. Students will also have the opportunity to sit in on some of the local team’s church planting trainings and help encourage local believers to have a burden to take the Good News to their own peoples.

There are several business opportunities through Second City, including those in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. iPACT is one example of these opportunities but definitely not the only one. Contact [email protected] for more information about other business opportunities.

For students interested in Business as Mission, iPACT is a great opportunity within Second City and the GoNow Initiative to get training and experience in how to do what you do well for the glory of God and do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God. Students will spend four weeks in Malaysia for training and then 2-6 weeks at a business internship in Malaysia or a neighboring country working with a local business providing the student with excellent cross-cultural training along with legitimate international business experience.

Find Out More About iPACT

This team will partner with some of Summit’s longest-serving missionaries to work in a major city in South Africa. Ministry will include working with refugees from Northern Africa and the Middle East, prayer walking, community outreach, and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from some of the most seasoned Summit missionaries!

This team will work with long-term Summit missionaries to share the gospel with Muslims who may have never heard the name of Jesus. Days will be spent sitting in cafes having multiple gospel conversations every day, looking for people of peace, and praying for salvation for the people of one of the most strategic cities in Southeast Asia.

This team will have the opportunity to work in one of the most influential global cities in South Asia. Opportunities will be endless to work among some of the richest of the rich and poorest of the poor. The team will spend time with college students and young professionals, homeless families in the slums, business professionals of various kinds, and unreached people groups from all over South Asia. This location also has the possibility of getting a formal internship during Second City.

Next Steps:

Applications and references will be accepted through Feb. 7, 2017. Limited spots are available. Once applications and references are received, a member of the Summit College staff will contact each student to set up an interview. Students will then receive notification of their acceptance into the program and be invited to a kickoff weekend planned for mid-February.

Obtain References

Each applicant is required to obtain three references. Students should request a pastoral reference (pastor/small group leader/campus minister), a professional reference (employer/professor), and a personal reference (friend/family). Students should send the link for the reference form below to their requested references.

Reference Form

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Justin Leitch

Second City

“Seeing the power of God work in a context that is closed to the idea of the gospel is a powerful experience…Without overstatement, I can confidently say that this summer was the most spiritually formative time of my life. The experience of giving away a summer to a church-led experience like this is something that I would recommend to anyone.”

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