Summit Stories

The gospel is not just the diving board; it’s the pool.
29 Apr

Responding to The Whole Story

As we read together through the whole story of scripture, one way we can respond to what God is teaching us is to let that truth drive our prayer. During the month of May, we want to give you multiple opportunities to cultivate your prayer life. We’ve chosen a verse...

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18 Apr

Easter at The Summit Church

For those of you who call the Summit home and were able to attend service Easter weekend, you probably already heard some of the amazing stories coming out of worship. Summit, you prayed boldly, you invited broadly, and as a result, thousands of people heard the gospel. Let’s never lose...

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13 Apr

Painting the Invisible Man: An Amazing Story of Grace

Remember the old television show, The Invisible Man? When someone wanted to make the Invisible Man visible, they would pour paint on him. Then you could see his shape and track his movements.  That’s a picture of Jesus and the local church: we’re the paint that makes the invisible Christ visible...

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12 Apr

Blake Patterson

Today Blake has chose to share with us his view on serving with the Cary Campus. “I’ve been attending Summit Cary for 4 years and I serve as a Sunday Morning Shift Leader as well as a Young Professionals Leader.Most people don’t know I have an identical twin brother who also...

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12 Apr

The Myers

Meet the Myers: (They have blessed us with their story of adoption today!)I've been asked to write about our adoption story. The thing is… it didn't happen just a year ago, it started five years prior when God started to take the broken pieces of infertility in our lives and...

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12 Apr

What’s in a Name?

This blog was written by one of our own, Cassie, who helps to lead worship at the Cary Campus. Read her thoughts on worship below. Labels are powerful. Slap a non-GMO label on a can of beans, and you’ve garnered the clout needed to raise the price by a dollar.Titles...

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12 Apr

The Penny Family

Meet Elizabeth and Taylor Penny:I’ve been attending the Cary Campus for 3 years, just recently completed Financial Peace University and serve on the greeting team with my daughter Taylor.Something most people wouldn’t know about me is that I have had a service dog that has gone to work with me...

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12 Apr

Tyler & Amy Mullis

Tyler is one of the bass players on the worship team and Amy helps with Volunteer Headquarters.“We have been attending the Cary Campus for a year and are currently missionary appointee’s for Trans World Radio.We have been challenged and stretched while serving at Cary. When we moved to the...

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21 Feb

Pray The Story

Prayer is the driving force behind all of the ministries here at the Summit. We want to encourage you and help you to learn how to boldly approach the throne of the Most High and beg on behalf of yourself, your families, and the unreached. Watch the video above to...

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