Summit Stories

The gospel is not just the diving board; it’s the pool.
13 Jan

ReCity: A Project of Unity

4,000: This is the estimated number of disconnected youth in Durham who aren’t in school and aren’t working.400: This is the number of non-profit organizations in Durham that serve youth.Something about these two numbers doesn’t add up, and that’s exactly what pastors at the Summit thought when they heard these...

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05 Jan

ReCity: Rewriting Devin’s Story

Devin didn't want his past to define him and he knew he needed to make a change. He had hope for a better future and when he found ReCity, that hope turned into reality. ReCity turned a maze of resources into a ladder he could climb, resulting in full-time employment....

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25 Aug

A Walk in My Shoes: Derrick’s Story

Derrick DeLain is the campus pastor at the Blue Ridge campus. He laughs easily and makes everyone around him feel at ease, and he has a passion for drawing people to Christ.Derrick is also black, which was often a challenging experience growing up in a small North Carolina town. His...

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10 Aug

Multiply: Made For This

An award is intended to recognize the person receiving it.But Summit member and Heritage High School English & global studies teacher Miles Macleod prefers not to have the attention. In fact, he was nominated multiple times for his school’s teacher-of-the-year honor, but he refused to accept. Finally, this year, he...

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10 Aug

Multiply: Changing Hearts

John is a small group leader at the Summit and has really seen God move in the lives of his group members.One couple shared with the group that they had been giving consistently and sacrificially for a couple decades. They had often seen God care for them through life’s ups...

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15 Jul

Remember the Faithfulness of the Lord

Written by Jack Keegan, Direction Elder - Cary CampusThe first time I sang the hymn “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Robert Robinson I was struck by the words in the second verse that say “Here I Raise My Ebenezer”. I whispered to my wife, Helen, “What is an...

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