Summit Stories

The gospel is not just the diving board; it’s the pool.
15 Jul

Remember the Faithfulness of the Lord

Written by Jack Keegan, Direction Elder - Cary CampusThe first time I sang the hymn “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Robert Robinson I was struck by the words in the second verse that say “Here I Raise My Ebenezer”. I whispered to my wife, Helen, “What is an...

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27 Jun

Multiply: Wake Up

“Wake Up”  by Elizabeth Ashford Volunteer Writer Linda had been married to David for several years when she first noticed a change in him. She had prayed for him since the beginning of their marriage that his religiosity would change to saving faith, and her prayers were finally being answered!Until about four years...

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24 Jun

Greear Family Mission Trip Commissioning

How You Can Pray for My Family During Our Extended Mission TripWhen God called me to be a pastor, he did so by first calling me to the mission field. I spent the first two years of my ministry as a church planter among Muslims overseas. God never relinquished that call to...

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19 Jun

A Picture of Prayer

Here is a good word for your Sunday, written by Jay Summers, Lay Elder at Cary Campus“The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.” —Andrew Murray, missionary sent from Scotland to South Africa in 1800’sIt is 8:30 on Sunday morning...

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14 Jun

Kevin Bui

Kevin Bui has been attending Summit Cary for the past four and half years, is married to Heather and has one little boy. He is part of the production team as well as a Small Group Leader. Also fun fact, most people wouldn’t know Kevin is also a Wedding DJ. Here is what...

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Multiply (48 of 50)
08 Jun

Multiply: Chris and Georgeanna

Chris and Georgeanna had a desire to be a family to a forgotten and overlooked child, and once they started their adoption process, through providential connections, God led them to an orphanage in Taiwan that was home to a particularly overlooked and forgotten little girl.Despite discouragement to adopt from well-meaning...

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05 Jun

Paul and Kristina Brock

Meet Paul and Kristina BrockPaul and Kristina have two little kids, have been with Summit Cary for the past 3 years and serve at Next Steps on Sunday mornings.“We are both alumni of and huge UNC fans. Paul really enjoys technology, woodworking and building things. While I don't do these very often...

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02 Jun

Justin Gibbons

Meet Justin Gibbons!Justin has been part of Summit Cary since he and his wife Kai helped launch the campus back in 2011. They have one little boy Jairus and Justin is currently part of the first impressions team at the 8:30 am service.“Something most people might not know about me is that...

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