Year of Disciple-Making

In Earth as It Is in Heaven

In 2017, we want to see the focus of our church shift from reaching to making, from attracting to deploying. What does that mean? We are going to focus on increasing our abilities, individually, to reproduce spiritually and make disciples. We want everyone to see how God intends to use you to bring heaven to those around you, in Earth as it is in heaven.

What if, by the end of this year, you had at least one person you were teaching to follow Jesus? What if your small group had brought at least one new person to faith? What if parents felt better equipped to make disciples of their kids?

If you didn’t grow up in church, “disciple-making” probably sounds like a strange word, but it simply means teaching someone else else to follow Jesus like you follow Jesus. It’s the heart of the Great Commission – go into all the world and make disciples, teaching them all the things I’ve taught you.

Learning to F.I.S.H. Evangelism Small Group Study