Young Professionals

Relevant Teaching For Your Life Stage

The Young Pros ministry at The Summit Church is a place for young adults in their 20’s to mid-30’s to find specific teaching for their life stage, meet other young pros in RDU, and get connected to the life of the church. We meet weekly throughout most of the year at 7pm on Thursdays at the Brier Creek campus. Check out our events page for our current message series, weekly gathering dates, and other events.

Get Connected

The Young Pros ministry at the Summit Church exists to connect young adults to Christ, his people, and his mission. We do this by providing environments for:

Targeted Teaching

  • There are certain struggles unique to young professionals, so we provide gospel-centered teaching designed specifically for people in this life stage.

Intentional Relationships

  • Although young professionals need to be fully integrated into the body of Christ, it is important for them to have friendships and community with people in their same life stage. We provide environments where these relationships can begin and develop.

Fast Connection

  • At a large church, it can seem intimidating to get involved. Young Pros provides an environment where a young professional can get connected to service, mission, small groups, membership and other ministry opportunities. We provide a front door for a young adult looking to get involved in the life of the Summit Church.

Whether we are going on a retreat, sharing a meal, studying the Bible, going on a missions trip, or having a social event, we hope to encourage young professionals to leverage their current life stage for God’s glory in the context of the community of the local church.