Internships & Training

Sam James Institute Ministry Internship

For anyone who plans to live a lifetime of ministry – whether on staff at a church in North America, as an overseas missionary, or as a Christian involved in the local church. The internship combines hands-on experience with a supervisor in a particular aspect of ministry along with exposure to all Summit departments and the way they view ministry. Twice a month, interns gather for education derived from Scripture, Summit plumb lines, and books that have been foundational for Summit’s philosophy of ministry. Interns meet on Monday afternoon or Tuesday evening for a formal meeting and then regularly, as schedules allow, with a supervisor over an eight-month period.

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International Church Planting Cohorts

If you are called to go overseas in two years or less, we want to equip you. Cohorts are led by experienced church planters and meet monthly to prepare you for overseas missions.

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Sam James Apprenticeship Program

The Summit Apprenticeship Program is a 2-year training experience designed to build church leaders into gospel-centered ministers—whether in the church, in the marketplace, as a pastor, or as a church planter. The program involves intense leadership development, intentional mentorship, and practical experience.

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Church Planting Residency

Residency is a full-time, 9-month position at The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham for lead planters. Participants receive a realistic experience of life and ministry in a church planting church while preparing to plant a church in North America. Residents receive assessment, training, and ongoing coaching through the Summit Network while recruiting a team, fundraising, and developing the strategy for the future plant. We are looking for biblically qualified men who have demonstrated high-capacity ability in leadership, disciple making, and preaching.

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Summit Worship Residency

The Summit Worship Residency is a 9-month program designed to equip future generations of worship leaders in the art, craft, and theology of worship and worship leadership. With discipleship at it’s core, the Summit Worship Residency provides a unique experience for current and aspiring worship leaders to be equipped to faithfully lead the people of God in corporate worship through biblical teaching, practical experience, and one-on-one coaching/mentoring from the Summit Worship staff. If you are interested in further exploring a call to vocational ministry through worship leadership, we invite you to check out the Summit Worship Residency.

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Summit Student Ministry Residency

The Summit Church Student Ministry Residency Program is a full time, one year program designed to equip the next generation of Student Pastors on how to build and grow a student ministry grounded in the centrality of the gospel. Residents will receive hands on training in every facet of student ministry, learn to build an in-depth theological framework for student ministry, grow as a disciple of Christ, and be sent out to help change the paradigm of student ministry across our country.

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On-Site Coaching at The Summit

Customized, one-on-one time with Summit staff designed to help to break through barriers and advance your church’s vision. We want to serve your church.

At The Summit Church, we believe the local church is God’s plan “A” and the hope for the world. God has truly blessed us for a purpose—to be a blessing to others. We wish to pour ourselves out for the mission of God. Our staff are humbled to resource and serve your team.

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