Summit Family,

One year ago, we covenanted together to go All-In on the mission of God. Our hope was to pour out our lives for the sake of the gospel – blessing our families, our neighbors, and the world.

As a part of this All-In journey, for a two-year period, we focused all of our generosity (tithes, offerings, gifts) into one fund that would impact our entire mission. Your All-In generosity has enabled us to reach even further into our community with the gospel by starting new ministries, expanding our campuses, and planting new churches both here and around the world.

As we cross the halfway point, I am in awe of how God is expanding our reach, enlarging ourvision, and deepening our faith. I hope that you will join me again this fall as we come together to renew our All-In faith commitments and commit to finish strong!

J.D. Greear